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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 45_1Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Sandwich Theorems for Multivalent Analytic Functions Associated with Differential Operator 7 - 20
Abbas Kareem Wanas and Alb Lupaş Alina  
AbstractKeywords: multivalent functions; differential subordination; differential superoordination; dominant; subordinant; differential operatorMSC: 30C45; 30C80
Chain Condition and Fundamental Relation on $(\Delta,G)$-Sets Derived from $\Gamma$-semihypergroups 21 - 37
S. Ostadhadi-Dehkordi  
AbstractKeywords: $\Gamma$-semihypergroup; left(right) $(\Delta;G)$-set; twist product; flat $\Gamma$-semihypergroup; absolutely flat $\Gamma$-semihypergroupMSC: 20N15
Beurling's Theorem for the $Q$-Fourier-Dunkl Transform 39 - 46
El Mehdi Loualid, Azzedine Achak and Radouan Daher  
AbstractKeywords: Q-Fourier-Dunkl transform; Beurling's theorem; uncertainty principlesMSC: 42A38; 44A35; 34B30
$\rho$-Attractive Elements in Modular Function Spaces 47 - 61
H. Iqbal, M. Abbas and S. H. Khan  
AbstractKeywords: attractive points; modular spaces; nonspreading mappings; modular functionsMSC: 47H10 47H09; 47J25
On Perfect Co-Annihilating-Ideal Graph of a Commutative Artinian Ring 63 - 73
S. M. Saadat Mirghadim, M. J. Nikmehr and R. Nikandish  
AbstractKeywords: co-annihilating-ideal graph; perfect graph; chordal graphMSC: 05C19 05C75; 05C25
Some Identities in Rings and Near-Rings with Derivations 75 - 80
Abdelkarim Boua  
AbstractKeywords: 3-prime near-ring; prime ring; derivations; commutativity; left multiplierMSC: 16Y30 16N60; 16W25
Triangular System of Higher Order Singular Fractional Differential Equations 81 - 101
Amele Taieb and Zoubir Dahmani  
AbstractKeywords: Caputo derivative; fixed point; singular fractional differential equation; existence; uniqueness; Ulam-Hyers stabilityMSC: 30C45 39B72; 39B82
On $\lambda$-Pseudo Bi-Starlike Functions with Respect to Symmetric Points Associated to Shell-Like Curves 103 - 114
G. Murugusundaramoorthy, K. Vijaya and H. Özlem Güney  
AbstractKeywords: analytic functions; bi-univalent; shell-like curve; Fibonacci numbers; starlike functionsMSC: 30C45 30C50
Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for operator geometrically convex functions II 115 - 125
A. Taghavi, V. Darvish and T. Azimi Roushan  
AbstractKeywords: operator geometrically convex function; Hermite-Hadamard inequalityMSC: 47A63 15A60; 47B05
A Note on Probability Convergence Defined by Unbounded Modulus Function and $\alpha\beta$-Statistical Convergence 127 - 138
Sumit Som  
AbstractKeywords: $\alpha\beta$-statistical convergence; $f$-statistical convergence; $f-\alpha\beta$-statistical convergence of order $\gamma$ in probability; $f-\alpha\beta$-strong $p$-Ces$\grave\mboxa$ro summability of order $\gamma$ in probabilityMSC: 40A35 40G15; 60B10
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