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Front Page Journal of International Mathematical Virtual InstitutePublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 2303-4866Issue: 1_1Date: 2011Journal Homepage

Variants of an Algorithm of J. Stein 1 - 16
Sándor Szabó  
AbstractKeywords: gcd in quadratic number fields; Hurwitz quaternion; binary gcd algorithm and its extensionsMSC: 11A51 11Y16
A note on $I$-sets in graphs 17 - 36
R. Sundareswaran and V. Swaminathan  
AbstractKeywords: integrity; I-excellent; I-critical; bondage numberMSC: 05C40, 05C75
On pairwise $ heta$-generalized closed sets 37 - 51
F. H. Khedr and H. S. Al-Saadi  
AbstractKeywords: $ij$-$ heta$-open set; $ij$-$ heta$-generalized closed set; $ij$-$ heta$-closure; generalized $Lambda_{ij}$-set; pairwise $T_{1/2}$-spaceMSC: 54A10, 54D10, 54E55

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