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On Rank One Perturbations of Complex Symmetric Operators 1795 - 1809
Eungil Ko and Ji Eun Lee  
AbstractKeywords: ank one perturbation; complex symmetric operators; decomposable; $a$-Weyl's theorem; hyponormalMSC: 47A11; 47A53 47B38; 47B35DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508795K
Some Applications of Srivastava's Theorem Involving a Certain Family of Generalized and Extended Hypergeometric Polynomials 1811 - 1819
Shy-Der Lin, H. M. Srivastava and Mu-Ming Wong  
AbstractKeywords: Gamma and extended gamma functions; Pochhammer's symbol and its extended version; Generalized and extended hypergeometric functions; Generalized and extended hypergeometric polynomials; Linear; bilinear and bilateral (or mixed multilateral) generating functions; Binomial coeffcients and generating functions; Srivastava's Theorem on generating functionsMSC: 33B15; 33B20; 33C05; 33C15; 33C20 33B99; 33C99DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508811L
The General Modulus-Based Jacobi Iteration Method for Linear Complementarity Problems 1821 - 1830
Ximing Fang and Caimin Wei  
AbstractKeywords: linear complementarity problem; iteration method; convergence; optimum parameterMSC: 49M99; 65F10DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508821F
Positive Solution to a Generalized Lyapunov Equation Via a Coupled Fixed Point Theorem in a Metric Space Endowed With a Partial Order 1831 - 1837
Maher Berzig and Bessem Samet  
AbstractKeywords: Lyapunov equation; positive definite solution; iterative algorithm; coupled fixed pointMSC: 15A24; 15A29 47H10DOI: Published by Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics,
Coe Cient Bounds for a Certain Class of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions 1839 - 1845
H. M. Srivastava, Sevtap Sümer Eker and Rosihan M. Ali  
AbstractKeywords: analytic functions; univalent functions; Faber polynomials; bi-univalent functions; Taylor-Maclaurin series expansion; coefficient bounds and coefficient estimates; Taylor-Maclaurin coecientsMSC: 30C45; 30C50 30C80DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508839S
Counting Dominating Sets in Cactus Chains 1847 - 1855
Kristina Borissevich and Tomislav Došlić  
AbstractKeywords: $m$-cactus chain; dominating set; domination numberMSC: 05C30 05C69DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508847B
Properties of Certain Subclasses of Multivalent Analytic Functions 1857 - 1867
Yi-Hui Xu and Jin-Lin Liu  
AbstractKeywords: multivalent analytic function; subordination; distortion; partial sumsMSC: 30C45DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508857X
On Kirchhoff and Degree Kirchhoff Indices 1869 - 1877
Igor Milovanović, Ivan Gutman and Emina Milovanović  
AbstractKeywords: distance (in graph); resistance distance (in graph); Kirchhoff index; degree Kirchhoff index; Laplacian spectrum (of graph)MSC: 05C12 05C50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508869M
General Univalence Criteria and Quasiconformal Extensions Starting from Loewner Chains Theory 1879 - 1892
Paula Curt and Dorina Răducanu  
AbstractKeywords: biholomorphic mapping; Loewner differential equation; subordination chain; univalence criterion; quasiregular mapping; quasiconformal mapping; quasiconformal extensionMSC: 32H02 30C45DOI: 10.2298/FIL1508879C
Further Discussion on Modified Multivalued $\alpha_*$-$\psi$-contractive Type Mapping 1893 - 1900
Muhammad Usman Ali, Tayyab Kamran and Erdal Karapınar  
AbstractKeywords: $\alpha_*$-admissible maps; $\alpha_*$-admissible maps with respect to $\eta$MSC: 47H10 54H25
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