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Visualisation - Interpretation Understanding: Travelling on the Royal Road to Mathematical Abstraction in Old Boots: Descriptive Geometry 1 - 11
Gunter Weiss  
AbstractKeywords: descriptive geometry; geometric mappings; normal projection; cyclography; generalised stereographic mapping; quadrics of revolution; pipe connectionsMSC: 51Nxx; 51M04
A Representation Formula for Curves in $\Bbb C^3$ With Preset Infinitesimal Arc Length 12 - 27
Hubert Gollek  
AbstractKeywords: curves in C3; algebraic representation formula; preset infinitesimal arc length; preset curvature; Schwarzian derivative; minimal curves; symmetries; deformations of minimal surfacesMSC: 53A04 53A10;30F30;65D18;68U05
Scattered Data Points Best Interpolation As a Problem of the Best Recovery in the Sense of Sard 28 - 33
Natasha Danailova  
AbstractKeywords: best recovery; best approximation; blending interpolant; truncated power kernelMSC: 41A50;41A58;41A15;65D05;65D17
Identities for Curvature Tensors in Generalized Finsler Space 34 - 42
Milan Lj. Zlatanović and Svetislav M. Minčić  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Finsler spaces; non-symmetric connection; kinds of covariant derivatives; curvature tensors; derived curvature tensors; curvature pseudotensors; symmetry propertiesMSC: 53A45; 53B05
An Application of Groebner Bases to Planarity of Intersection of Surfaces 43 - 55
Branko Malešević and Marija Obradović  
AbstractKeywords: Groebner bases; egg curve based conoid; planar intersectionMSC: 14N05;51N35
Visual Communication Through Visual Mathematics 56 - 67
Ljiljana Radović and Slavik Jablan  
AbstractKeywords: visual mathematics; visual communication; symmetry; modularity; ethnomathematicsMSC: 00A06;20H15;52C20;57M25;28A80
Visualization in Optimization With Mathematica 68 - 81
Predrag S. Stanimirović, Marko D. Petković and Milan Lj. Zlatanović  
AbstractKeywords: linear programming; visualization; computer graphic; computer algebra system; MathematicaMSC: 90C05;68W30
Some Relations in the Generalized KÄhlerian Spaces of the Second Kind 82 - 89
Mića S. Stanković, Ljubica S. Velimirović and Milan Lj. Zlatanović  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Riemannian space; Kählerian space; generalized Kählerian space; generalized Kählerian space of the second kindMSC: 53A45;53B05
Constructive Procedure for Determination of Absolute Conic Figure in General Collinear Spaces 90 - 96
Sonja Krasić and Vladan Nikolić  
AbstractKeywords: general collinear spaces; figure of the absolute conic of space; quadricMSC: 51N05;14Nxx
Notes on Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces and Their Graphical Presentation 97 - 107
Marija Ćirić  
AbstractKeywords: CMC surface; conformal parametrization; sphere; cylinder; unduloid; nodoid; Wente toriMSC: 65D18;53C45;53A05;53A10
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