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Finding Miminum Cost Spanning Tree on Bidirectional Linear Systolic Array 1 - 12
E. I. Milovanović, M. P. Bekakos, I. Ž. Milovanović and B. M. Randjelović  
AbstractKeywords: spanning tree; systolic array; systolic algorithmMSC: 68R10
A System of Generalized Variational Inclusion Problems Involving $(A,\eta)$-Monotone Mappings 13 - 20
Mohsen Alimohammady and Mehdi Roohi  
AbstractKeywords: variational inclusions; resolvent operator; monotone mappingMSC: 47J20 49R50; 49S05
Numerical Range and Orthogonality in Normed Spaces 21 - 41
A. Bachir and A. Segres  
AbstractKeywords: normed space; normalized duality mapping; Birkhoff-James orthogonality; numerical range; maximal numerical range; norm of elementary operatorMSC: 46B20;47A12;47B47 46L35
On Convergence and Divergence of Fourier Expansions Associated to Jacobi Measure With Mass Points 61 - 68
Bujar Xh. Fejzullahu  
AbstractKeywords: Koornwinder's Jacobi-type polynomials; Fourier expansions; Cesàro mean; norm convergenceMSC: 42C05; 42C10
Vector Inequalities for Powers of some Operators in Hilbert Spaces 69 - 83
S. S. Dragomir  
AbstractKeywords: Hilbert space; bounded linear operators; vector inequalities; operator norm and numerical radius; commutator; self-commutatorMSC: 47A12 47A30; 47A63; 47B15
Bi-Lipschicity of Quasiconformal Harmonic Mappings in the Plane 85 - 89
Vesna Manojlović  
AbstractKeywords: quasiconformal maps; quasihyperbolic metric; harmonic mapsMSC: 30C62
On Certain Classes of Harmonic $P$-Valent Functions by Applying the Ruscheweyh Derivatives 91 - 101
A. Ebadian and A. Tehranchi  
AbstractKeywords: multivalent - harmonic - convex - starlike - convolution closed convex hullMSC: 30C45; 30C50

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