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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 5_1Date: 2008Journal Homepage

Elimination of Generalized Ping-Pong Effects Using Triple-Layers of Location Areas in Cellular Networks 1 - 16
Guangbin Fan, Ivan Stojmenovic and Jingyuan Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: cellular networks, location management, location areas, ping-pong effects, triple-layersMSC: 68M10 94C12
Applicability of Weyuker’s Properties on OO Metrics: Some Misunderstandings 17 - 24
Sanjay Misra and Ibrahim Akman  
AbstractKeywords: software complexity measures, weyuker's properties, evaluation criteria, object oriented metrics.MSC: 68N30 68N19
Interfacing the System Evaluation Method LSP with E-commerce Web Sites 25 - 39
Greydon Buckley and Jozo Dujmović  
AbstractKeywords: Web Information Extraction Systems (WIES), Logic Scoring of Preference (LSP) method.MSC: 68M11 68T27
Using Code Generation Approach in Developing Kiosk Applications 41 - 59
Žarko Živanov, Predrag Rakić and Miroslav Hajduković  
AbstractKeywords: domain specific language, rapid application development, code generation, kiosks.MSC: 68N20 68Q45
Model of a User Friendly System for Library Cataloguing 61 - 85
Katarina Belić and Dušan Surla  
AbstractKeywords: cataloguing, UML, bibliographic record, UNIMARC.MSC: 68U35 68T35
Modeling of Login Procedure for Wireless Application with Interaction Overview Diagrams 87 - 108
Vera Plavšić and Emil Šećerov  
AbstractKeywords: wireless, UML, OCL, network, diagram, login, java, code.MSC: 68U35 68M10
Wireless Sensor Network Application Programming and Simulation System 109 - 126
Žarko Živanov, Predrag Rakić and Miroslav Hajduković  
AbstractKeywords: wireless sensor networks, operating systems, simulation, code generation.MSC: 68M10 68N20
On the Application of Artificial Neural Network in Analyzing and Studying Daily Loads of Jordan Power System Plant 127 - 136
Salam A. Najim, Zakaria A. M. Al-Omari and Samir M. Said  
AbstractKeywords: artificial neural network (ANN), forecasting, multi layer perceptron (MLPs), back propagation (BP), short -term electrical load forecasting (STELF).MSC: 62M45 62M10

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