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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 5_2Date: 2008Journal Homepage

Program Comprehension for Domain-Specific Languages 1 - 17
Maria Joao Varanda Pereira, Marjan Mernik, Daniela da Cruz and Pedro Rangel Henriques  
AbstractKeywords: program understanding, problem comprehension, DSLsMSC: 68N30 00A66
From Lisp S-Expressions to Java Source Code 19 - 38
António Menezes Leitão  
AbstractKeywords: S-expressions, Macros, Common Lisp, Java.MSC: 68N20 68N18
Representing and Querying Multiple Ontologies with Contextual Logic Programming 39 - 62
Nuno Lopes, Cláudio Fernandes and Salvador Abreu  
AbstractKeywords: Ontologies (OWL), Logic Programming, SPARQL.MSC: 68T30 68N17
ComponentJ: A Component-Based Programming Language with Dynamic Reconfiguration 63 - 86
João Costa Seco, Ricardo Silva and Margarida Piriquito  
AbstractKeywords: Programming Languages, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Component Oriented Programming, Type Systems, Java.MSC: 68N19 68N20
Integration of the ST Language in a Model-Based Engineering Environment for Control Systems – An Approach for Compiler Implementation 87 - 101
Elisabete Ferreira, Rogério Paulo, Daniela da Cruz and Pedro Henriques  
AbstractKeywords: Code Compiler, Linker, C#, ANTLR, ASML, IEC 61131-3 ST.MSC: 68N20 93C83
Developing Libraries Using Software Transactional Memory 103 - 117
Ricardo Dias, João Lourenço and Gonçalo Cunha  
AbstractKeywords: Transactions, Software Transactional Memory, Compensation Actions, Revertible Operations.MSC: 68M99 68M20
ALMA versus DDD 119 - 136
Daniela da Cruz, Pedro Rangel Henriques and Maria João Varanda Pereira  
AbstractKeywords: Program Comprehension, Program Animation, Debugger, Alma, DDD.MSC: 68N30 68N20
KAT and PHL in Coq 137 - 160
David Pereira and Nelma Moreira  
AbstractKeywords: Kleene algebra with tests, Hoare logics, interactive theorem proving, and formal verification of software.MSC: 68N30 68T15

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