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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 2_2Date: 2005Journal Homepage

The collaborative development of didactic materials 1 - 21
Carmen Padrón, Juanma Dodero, Paloma Díaz and Ignacio Aedo  
AbstractMSC: 68U35 97U50
A Design of Interaction Model among Pedagogical Agents in Collaborative Teaching Process 23 - 35
Ryo Takaoka and Toshio Okamoto  
AbstractMSC: 68T99MSC201068T42 97U50
Web-based Performance Support System for School-based Curriculum Development: SBCDSS 37 - 64
Yih-Ruey Juang, Tzu-Chien Liu and Tak-Wai Chan  
AbstractMSC: 68U35 97U50
A Case Study on Research Assistant System – From Knowledge Management Perspective 65 - 82
Jin Tan David Yang, Chun-Yen Tsai and Ming Jey Huang  
AbstractMSC: 68T35 68T30
Machine learning models of problem space navigation: the influence of gender 83 - 98
Ron Stevens and Amy Soller  
AbstractMSC: 91E40 62M45
InCA: a Cognitive Multi-Agents Architecture for Designing Intelligent & Adaptive Learning Systems 99 - 114
Thierry Nabeth, Liana Razmerita, Albert Angehrn and Claudia Roda  
AbstractMSC: 68T05 68T42

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