The collaborative development of didactic materials

Carmen Padrón, Juanma Dodero, Paloma Díaz, Ignacio Aedo

In this paper we present an analysis of the development process of technology-supported didactic material. Such analysis considers didactic materials as the conjunction of contents and in-structional design used to guide learning and teaching processes. And we examine why several features such as reusability, semantic interoperability and collaboration support must be ensured from the earlier stages of the material creation process. For those reasons di-dactic material development is not a trivial task and demands of a development methodology support and a high-quality authoring en-vironment. We describe how the MD2 research project provides an integrated solution for creation of didactic materials that take into account those rationales. The MD2 solution is based on two ap-proaches: first, the definition of a method for the collaborative crea-tion of didactic materials and second, the elaboration of a quality evaluation framework for a priori testing of educational products. We also present CASLO a collaborative authoring tool used to facilitate these endeavors.