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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 12_1Date: 2015Journal Homepage

Interlinking Educational Resources to Web of Data through IEEE LOM 233 - 255
Enayat Rajabi, Miguel-Angel Sicilia and Salvador Sanchez-Alonso  
AbstractKeywords: educational resources; Linked Data; IEEE LOM; learning metadata; interlinkingMSC: 68T30 68U35
Commonalities and Differences between Requirements Engineering Tools: A Quantitative Approach 257 - 288
Juan M. Carrillo de Gea, Joaquín Nicolás, José L. Fernández Alemán, Ambrosio Toval, Christof Ebert and Aurora Vizcaíno  
AbstractKeywords: clustering; requirements engineering; survey; toolsMSC: 68N30 68N19
A Novel Registration Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on JSEG and NMI 289 - 306
Chao Wang, Aiye Shi, Xin Wang, Fengchen Huang and Hui Liu  
AbstractKeywords: Image registration; High resolution remote sensing images; JSEG; NMIMSC: 68U10 94A08
Calibration of a 2D Laser Scanner System and Rotating Platform using a Point-Plane Constraint 307 - 322
Laksono Kurnianggoro, Van-Dung Hoang and Kang-Hyun Jo  
AbstractKeywords: calibration; laser range finder; 3D scannerMSC: 68U10 68U20
Identifying Common Activities in the Graphical User Interface Development Process and their integration into the Software-System Development Life Cycle 323 - 348
Laura C. Rodriguez-Martinez, Hector A. Duran-Limon, Ricardo Mendoza-González and Jaime Muñoz  
AbstractKeywords: System Development Life-Cycle; Software Engineering; Graphical User Interface Development Process; Human-Computer InteractionMSC: 68U35 68N19
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