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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 7_4Date: 2010Journal Homepage

Advanced Indexing Technique for Temporal Data 679 - 703
Bela Stantic, Rodney Topor, Justin Terry and Abdul Sattar  
AbstractKeywords: Temporal Databases, Access Methods, Performance EvaluationMSC: 68P20 68P15
COLIBROS: Educational Operating System 705 - 719
Žarko Živanov, Predrag Rakić and Miroslav Hajduković  
AbstractKeywords: Operating System, Programming Library, EducationMSC: 68N25 97Q99
An Approach to Project Planning Employing Software and Systems Engineering Meta-Model Represented by an Ontology 721 - 736
Miroslav Líška and Pavol Navrat  
AbstractKeywords: Software and Systems Process Engineering Meta-Model, Web Ontology Language, Model Driven Architecture, Semantic WebMSC: 68T30 68N01
Facilitating information system development with Panoramic view on data 737 - 767
Dejan Lavbič, Iztok Lajovic and Marjan Krisper  
AbstractKeywords: software development, associative thinking, object recognition, rapid application developmentMSC: 68N19 68U35
Metrics for Evaluation of Metaprogram Complexity 769 - 787
Robertas Damaševičius and Vytautas Štuikys  
AbstractKeywords: Metaprogramming, complexity evaluation, metaprogram metricMSC: 68N30 68Q99
An Evolutionary Solution for Multimodal Shortest Path Problem in Metropolises 789 - 811
Rahim A. Abbaspour and Farhad Samadzadegan  
AbstractKeywords: multimodal shortest path, genetic algorithm, metropolisMSC: 05C85 68T05
Trojan horses in mobile devices 813 - 822
Daniel Fuentes, Juan A. Álvarez, Juan A. Ortega, Luis Gonzalez-Abril and Francisco Velasco  
AbstractKeywords: Mobile security, Mobile Infections, Trojan horsesMSC: 68N99 68U99
A Tabular Steganography Scheme for Graphical Password Authentication 824 - 841
Tsung-Hung Lin, Cheng-Chi Lee, Chwei-Shyong Tsai and Shin-Dong Guo  
AbstractKeywords: graphical password authentication, security, teganography, protocolMSC: 94A08 68P30
A Multi-attribute Auction Model by Dominance-based Rough Sets Approach 843 - 858
Rong Zhang, Bin Liu and Sifeng Liu  
AbstractKeywords: multi-attribute decision, rough sets, auction, DRSAMSC: 91A10 68T42
Design of Median-type Filters with an Impulse Noise Detector Using Decision Tree and Particle Swarm Optimization for Image Restoration 859 - 882
Bae-Muu Chang, Hung-Hsu Tsai, Xuan-Ping Lin and Pao-Ta Yu  
AbstractKeywords: Impulse noise detector, Decision tree, Particle swarm optimization, Median-type image filter, Noise removalMSC: 94A08 68T05
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