An Approach to Project Planning Employing Software and Systems Engineering Meta-Model Represented by an Ontology

Miroslav Líška, Pavol Navrat

Currently, one can witness a growing mutual influence between the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and the Semantic Web. MDA is an approach that uses models for system development, but its architecture limits usability of these models for knowledge empowered solutions. A lot of research tackles applicability of MDA standards in the technical space of the Semantic Web. In this paper, we present an approach aimed at facilitating the use of Software and Systems Engineering Meta-Model (SPEM) for improvements that are rooted in knowledge engineering approaches. We show how SPEM can be used in the Semantic Web technical space. We describe how following our approach a project plan can be generated and verified. Finally, we present an example of project planning that uses ontology of a software requirements activity.