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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 7_1Date: 2010Journal Homepage

MFI-Tree: An Effective Multi-feature Index Structure for Weighted Query Application 139 - 151
Yunfeng He and Junqing Yu  
AbstractKeywords: Multi-Feature Index Tree, KNN, Aggressive Decided Distance for kNN, Video Retrieval.MSC: 68P20 68P05
A Content-based Dynamic Load-Balancing Algorithm for Heterogeneous Web Server Cluster 153 - 162
Zhang Lin, Li Xiao-ping and Su Yuan  
AbstractKeywords: Web server cluster, load-balancing, dynamic feedbackMSC: 68M11 68M20
An Accelerometer-Based Gesture Recognition Algorithm and its Application for 3D Interaction 177 - 188
Jianfeng Liu, Zhigeng Pan and Xiangcheng Li  
AbstractKeywords: Tri-axes Accelerometer, HMM, Gesture Recognition, 3-D Interaction, Virtual RealityMSC: 68U10 68T10
The Design and Evaluation of Hierarchical Multi-level Parallelisms for H.264 Encoder on Multi-core Architecture 189 - 200
Haitao Wei, Junqing Yu and Jiang Li  
AbstractKeywords: H.264 encoder, Hierarchical Multi-level Parallelisms, Multi-core Architecture.MSC: 94A08 68W10
Robust moving object detection under complex background 201 - 210
Ding Ying, Li Wen-hui, Fan Jing-tao and Yang Hua-min  
AbstractKeywords: moving object detection, Local Binary Pattern, HSI, Choquet integral.MSC: 68U10 68T10
A Novel Hierarchical Speech Emotion Recognition Method Based on Improved DDAGSVM 211 - 221
Qi-rong Mao and Yong-zhao Zhan  
AbstractKeywords: Speech Emotion Recognition, Improved DDAGSVM, Hierarchical Recognition Method, Confusion Degree, Geodesic Distance.MSC: 68T10 62H30
Research on Optimizing the Fault Diagnosis Strategy of Complex Electronic Equipment 223 - 230
Wang Hong-xia, Ye Xiao-hui and Wang Liang  
AbstractKeywords: electronic equipments, dependency matrix, optimizing strategy.MSC: 94C12 68M15
3D Point Pattern Matching Based on Spatial Geometric Flexibility 231 - 246
Xiaopeng Wei, Xiaoyong Fang, Qiang Zhang and Dongsheng Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: Point pattern matching (PPM), Face model, Spatial geometric flexibility, Topological structure, Motion capture (Mocap), Non-rigid deformation.MSC: 65D18 68T10
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