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Front Page Bulletin, Classe des Sciences Mathématiques et Naturelles, Sciences mathématiquesPublisher: Srpska akademija nauka i umetnosti, BeogradISSN: 0561-7332Issue: 26Date: 2001

Jovan Karamata 1902-1967 1 - 30
M. Tomić  
AbstractMSC: 01A70 01A60Zbl: 0997.01505
Structural theorems for families of Fourier hyperfunctions 31 - 37
B. Stanković  
AbstractKeywords: Fourier hyperfunctions, families of hyperfunctionsMSC: 46F15Zbl: 1004.46028
On certain sums over ordinates of zeta-zeros 39 - 52
A. Ivić  
AbstractKeywords: Riemann zeta-function, Riemann hypothesis, analytic continuationMSC: 11M06Zbl: 0999.11048
A class of exponentially bounded distribution semigroups 53 - 74
M. Mijatović and S. Pilipović  
AbstractKeywords: distribution semigroups, integrated semigroupsMSC: 47D03Zbl: 1004.47024
On the microlocal decomposition of ultradistributions and ultradifferentiable functions 75 - 105
A. Eida  
AbstractKeywords: hyperfunctions, ultradistributions, ultradifferentiable functions, microdifferential operatorsMSC: 58J15Zbl: 1008.58018
Some spectral properties of starlike trees 107 - 113
M. Lepović and I. Gutman  
AbstractKeywords: Starlike trees, Spectra (of graphs), Hyperbolic graphs, Integral graphsMSC: 05C05 05C50Zbl: 0997.05059
The maximal exceptional graphs with maximal degree less than 28 115 - 131
D. Cvetković, P. Rowlinson and S.K. Simić  
AbstractKeywords: Graph, eigenvalue, root systemMSC: 05C50Zbl: 0997.05060
A new quantitative analysis of some basic principles of the theory of functions of a real variable 133 - 144
S. Todorčević  
AbstractKeywords: measurable, continuousMSC: 28A05 28A10 26A21 05D10Zbl: 1005.28001

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