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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 18_2Date: 2008Journal Homepage

Computing Strong Metric Dimension of some Special Classes of Graphs by Genetic Algorithms 143 - 151
Jozef Kratica, Vera Kovačević-Vujčić and Mirjana Čangalović  
AbstractKeywords: Strong metric dimension, genetic algorithms, evolutionary approach.MSC: 68W20 90C27DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802143KZbl: 1199.68546
Optimality Conditions and Duality in Multiobjective Programming With $(Phi, ho)$-Invexity 153 - 165
Massimiliano Ferrara and Maria Viorica Stefanescu  
AbstractKeywords: Multiobjective programming, invexity, duality.MSC: 90C29DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802153FZbl: 1199.90025
On some Optimization Problems in Not Necessarily Locally Convex Space 167 - 172
Ljiljana Gajić  
AbstractKeywords: Set valued mapping, quasi - convex map, non-cooperative equilibrium.MSC: 46A16 49J27DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802167GZbl: 1199.46008
Application of some Graph Invariants to the Analysis of Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks 173 - 186
Dragoš Cvetković and Tatjana Davidović  
AbstractKeywords: Multiprocessor systems, interconnection topologies, spectra of graphs, maximum vertex degree, diameter.MSC: 90B10 68M07DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802173CZbl: 1183.90070
A Comparative Analysis of the Dea-Ccr Model and the Vikor Method 187 - 203
Serafim Opricovic and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng  
AbstractKeywords: Multi criteria, decision making, data envelopment analysis, compromise.MSC: 90B50 62C25DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802187OZbl: 1183.90250
A Group Decision-Making Aggregation Process 205 - 219
Nesrin Halouani, Habib Chabchoub and Jean-Marc Martel  
AbstractKeywords: Group decision-making, fuzzy 2-tuples, aggregation process, non-homogeneous information.MSC: 91B06 90C70 91B10DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802205HZbl: 1274.91140
Optimal Pricing and Lot-Sizing Decisions Under Weibull Distribution Deterioration and Trade Credit Policy 221 - 234
S. K. Manna, K. S. Chaudhuri and C. Chiang  
AbstractKeywords: Retail price, lot-size, inventory management.MSC: 91B06 90B05DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802221MZbl: 1274.91148
Financial Claims and Product Market Competition: an Explanation for Permitting Banks to Hold Equity in Firms 235 - 251
Shin-Heng Pao and Jyh-Horng Lin  
AbstractKeywords: Equity holding, Glass-Steagall act, conjectural variation, capital regulationMSC: 91G50DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802235PZbl: 1274.91470
Fuzzy Model of the Computer Integrated Decision Support and Management System in Mineral Processing 253 - 259
Igor Miljanović and Slobodan Vujić  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy logic, fuzzy technology, computer integrated systems, decision support, monitoring, management, process control.MSC: 93C42 93A30DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802253MZbl: 1274.93169
The Application of GIS and ITS Components in Tourism 261 - 272
Verka Jovanović and Angelina Njeguš  
AbstractKeywords: Tourism, information technologies, GIS, maps, geographic analysis.MSC: 90B10 90B60DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0802261JZbl: 1183.90075

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