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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 13_2Date: 2003Journal Homepage

A Time-Predefined Approach to Course Timetabling 139 - 151
Edmund Burke, Yuri Bykov, James Newall and Sanja Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: Combinatorial optimization, metaheuristic, local search, timetabling.MSC: 90B36DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0302139BZbl: 1055.90039
On some Aspects of the Matrix Data Perturbation in Linear Program 153 - 164
Margita Kon-Popovska  
AbstractKeywords: Linear parametric programming, parameter-dependent constraint matrix.MSC: 90C05DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0302153KZbl: 1138.90426
Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling in Bankruptcy Prediction 165 - 174
D. Vlachos and Y. A. Tolias  
AbstractKeywords: Neuro-fuzzy, bankruptcy.
Applying Coefficients of Preference in Ranking (CPR) 175 - 186
Zoran Radojičić, Dragan Vukmirović, Nahod Vuković and Miloš Vojinović  
AbstractKeywords: Research, ranking, coefficient, preference.MSC: 62F07 62P99DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0302175RZbl: 1054.62016
An Expert System for Ranking Companies and Investments: Wood Industry Case 187 - 197
Lazaros Hliadis, Theodoros Koutroumanidis, Garyfallos Arabatzis and Charalambos Arapatsakos  
AbstractKeywords: Multicriteria analysis, computer expert systems, wood industries, fuzzy logic.
Further Notes on Convergence of the Weiszfeld Algorithm 199 - 206
Jack Brimberg  
AbstractKeywords: Fermat-Weber problem, minisum location, Weiszfeld algorithm.
Graph Radiocoloring Concepts 207 - 215
R. Kalfakakou, G. Nikolakopoulou, E. Savvidou and M. Tsouros  
AbstractKeywords: Graph, radio coloring, algorithm, channel assignment.MSC: 05C15 05C85DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0302207KZbl: 1049.05035
Convergence of Estimated Optimal Inventory Levels in Models With Probabilistic Demands 217 - 227
Carlos N. Bouza  
AbstractKeywords: Backorders, simulated annealing, density function estimation.
Intelligent Nesting System 229 - 243
Zoran Djurić and Miodrag Manić  
AbstractKeywords: Nesting, neural network, expert system, product model.
Simulated Annealing and Joint Manufacturing Batch- Sizing 245 - 259
Ruhul Sarker and Xin Yao  
AbstractKeywords: Inventory, procurement, periodic delivery, optimum order quantity, heuristic, simulated annealing.MSC: 90B30 90C59DOI: 10.2298/YJOR0302245SZbl: 1054.90025

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