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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 1_2Date: 1999MathArt and e-Books

Footprints Literacy: the Origins of Art and Prelude to Science  
Tsion Avital  
AbstractKeywords: origins of art, footprints literacy, symbolization, prehistoric art, figurative art, abstract art, mind, mindprints: Connectivity ? Disconnectivity, Open endedness ? Closed endedness, Recursiveness ? Singularity, Transformation ? Invariance, Hierarchy ? Randomness, Symmetry ? Asymmetry, Negation ? Affirmation, Complementarity ? Mutual exclusiveness, Comparison ? Imparison, Determinism ? IndeterminismMSC: 01A10
Mindprints: the Structural Shadows of Mind-reality?  
Tsion Avital  
AbstractKeywords: figurative art, abstract art, problem of demarcation, mind, mindprints: Connectivity-Disconnectivity, Open endedness-Closed endedness, Recursiveness-Singularity, Transformation-Invariance, Hierarchy-Randomness, Symmetry-Asymmetry, Negation-Affirmation, Complementarity-Mutual Exclusiveness, Comparison-Imparison, Determinism-Indeterminism. TransdisciplinarityMSC: 00A30
The Soft Logic of Thomas Harriot  
H. T. Goranson and Sirius-Beta  
AbstractMSC: 00A30

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