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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 5_1Date: 2003MathArt and e-Books

Colouring Platonic Solids  
Izidor Hafner and Tomislav Zitko  
MSC: 52B10
A Unified Theory of Proportion  
Jay Kappraff and Gary W. Adamson  
MSC: 00A66
Representing Seashells Surface  
G. Lucca  
AbstractMSC: 97M60
The Pythagorean Approach to Problems of Periodicity in Chemistry and Nuclear Physics  
D. Weise  
Keywords: The periodic law, the packing nuclear model, magic numbers, figurate numbers, Pascal's Triangle.MSC: 97M60
Visualization Vs. Verbalization Insight into the Morphology of Polyhedra  
Irit Wertheim and Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar  
MSC: 00A66

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