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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 45_2Date: 2018Journal Homepage

Integral and statistical characteristics of the turbulent swirl flow in a straight conical diffuser 127 - 137
Dejan B. Ilić, Đorđe S. Čantrak and Novica Z. Janković  
AbstractKeywords: turbulence; statistics; swirl flow; axial fan; diffuser; LDAMSC: 76F10; 76U05DOI:
On the influence of turbulent kinetic energy level on accuracy of $k-\varepsilon$ and LRR turbulence models 139 - 149
Djordje M. Novković, Jela M. Burazer, Aleksandar S. Ćoćić and Milan R. Lečić  
AbstractKeywords: CFD; diffuser; OpenFOAM; RANS; turbulent kinetic energyMSC: 76F10DOI:
Experimental and numerical analysis of flow field and ventilation performance in a traffic tunnel ventilated by axial fans 151 - 165
Milan Šekularac and Novica Janković  
AbstractKeywords: ventilation flows; tunnels; axial ducted fans; turbulence; numerical boundary conditions; CFDMSC: 76-05; 76D99; 76F99DOI:
Variational model of scoliosis 167 - 175
Igor Popov, Nikita Lisitsa, Yuri Baloshin, Mikhail Dudin and Stepan Bober  
AbstractKeywords: spine; model; variational methodMSC: 92C10; 74L15DOI:
An effect of a purely dissipative process of microstresses on plane strain gradient plasticity problems 177 - 188
Adebowale Borokinni, Odunayo Fadodun and Adegbola Akinola  
AbstractKeywords: plane strain gradient; microstresses; flow rule; weak formulationMSC: 74C10DOI:
Asymptotic solution for the Darcy--Brinkman--Boussinesq flow in a pipe with helicoidal shape 189 - 203
Igor Pažanin  
AbstractKeywords: helical pipe; Darcy-Brinkman-Boussinesq system; Newton cooling condition; curvilinear coordinates; asymptotic approximationMSC: 35B40; 35Q35; 76S05DOI:
Constitutive modeling for FRP composite materials subject to extreme loading 205 - 230
Robert J. Asaro and David Benson  
AbstractKeywords: FRP composite buckling; FRP composite compressive failureMSC: 74D10; 74E30DOI:
Analysis of dynamics variation against thixotropic parameter's preferential range 231 - 251
Nazish Shahid  
AbstractKeywords: thixotropy; tapering; blood flow; steady-state; axial velocity; yield stressMSC: 76A05; 76D99; 76Z05; 65H04; 65K05; 37M05DOI:
Mathematical analysis of hydrodynamics and tissue deformation inside an isolated solid tumor 253 - 278
Meraj Alam, Bibaswan Dey and G. P. Raja Sekhar  
AbstractKeywords: isolated tumor; biphasic mixture theory; weak formulation; inf-sup condition; Lax-Milgram theoremMSC: 76Txx; 76Zxx; 35Q74; 35D30; 35C10DOI:

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