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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 62_2Date: 2010Journal Homepage

Sensitivity analysis in multi-parametric strictly convex quadratic optimization 95 - 107
B. Kheirfam  
AbstractKeywords: Sensitivity analysis, support set, optimal partition, multi-parametric programming, quadratic optimization, critical region.MSC: 90C20 90C31
Certain bounded functions of complex order 109 - 116
M. K. Aouf and A. O. Mostafa  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic functions, complex order, starlike functions, bounded functions.MSC: 30C45
A numerical method for solution of semidifferential equations 117 - 126
Mohammad H. Hamarsheh and E. A. Rawashdeh  
AbstractKeywords: Fractional derivative, semidifferential equation, numerical solution, spline space.MSC: 26A33 65D07
General integral operator defined by Hadamard product 127 - 136
B. A. Frasin  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic and univalent functions, starlike and convex functions of complex order, Hadamard product, subordination, integral operator.MSC: 30C45
Strong convergence theorems of common fixed points for a pair of quasi-nonexpansive and asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings 137 - 144
Gurucharan Singh Saluja  
AbstractKeywords: Quasi-nonexpansive mappings, asymptotically quasi nonexpansive mapping, common fixed points, modified three-step iteration scheme with errors with respect to a pair of mappings, strong convergence, Banach space.MSC: 47H09 47H10
New extended Weyl type theorems 145 - 154
M. Berkani and H. Zariouh  
AbstractKeywords: Property $(ab)$, property $(gab)$, property $(aw)$, property $(gaw)$.MSC: 47A53 47A10 47A11
Structures de Jacobi sur une variété des points proches 155 - 167
Basile Guy Richard Bossoto  
Keywords: Infinitely near point, local algebra, Lie-Rinehart algebra, Jacobi algebra.MSC: 58A20 58A32 11F50
Uniqueness of meromorphic functions when two differential polynomials share one value IM 169 - 182
Pulak Sahoo  
AbstractKeywords: Meromorphic function, uniqueness, differential polynomials.MSC: 30D35
Wavelets and the complete invariance property 183 - 188
Rajeshwari Dubey and Aparna Vyas  
AbstractKeywords: Wavelets, MSF Wavelets, MRA Wavelets, CIP, CIPH, dimension function.MSC: 42C15 42C40 54H25

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