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Front Page Mathematica MoravicaPublisher: Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac, ČačakISSN: 1450-5932Issue: 7_1Date: 2003Journal Homepage

Weak Asymptotic Equivalence Relation and Inverse Functions in the Class OR 1 - 6
Dragan Đurčić and Aleksandar Torgašev  
AbstractKeywords: Regular variation; Asymptotic equivalence; InversionMSC: 26A12DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307001D
The Numerical Function of a *-Regularly Varying Sequence 7 - 10
Dragan Đurčić and Aleksandar Torgašev  
AbstractKeywords: Regularly varying sequence; numerical functionMSC: 26A12DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307007D
Fixed Points and Admissible Sets 11 - 14
Siniša Ješić  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; admissible sets; general convex topological spaces; general convex structureMSC: 47H10; 52A01DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307011J
A Note on Nearly Paracompactness 15 - 21
Ilija Kovačević  
AbstractKeywords: compact; $\alpha$-Hausdorff; $\alpha$-nearly paracompact; $\alpha$-paracompact; $\alpha$-regular; almost closed mappings; closed graph; equivalence relationMSC: 54D10; 54D18DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307015K
Infinitely Distributive Elements in Posets 23 - 32
Vera Lazarević and Andreja Tepavčević  
AbstractKeywords: infinite distributive; elements; infinite codistributive elements; congruence; $\omega$-stable; complete congruenceMSC: 04A72; 06A12DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307023L
Some Types of Relative Paracompactness 33 - 42
Vladimir Pavlović  
AbstractKeywords: Locally finite family; point finite family; open cover; relative paracompactness; $\mathsf{S}(\mathcal{O}; \mathcal{O})_{lf}$; $\mathsf{S}(\mathcal{O};\mathcal{O})_{pƒ}$MSC: 54B05; 54D20DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307033P
New Recurrent Formulae of $P(n)$ and $\tau(n)$ Functions 43 - 49
Aleksandar Petojević  
AbstractKeywords: Partition function; Ramanujan's tau functionMSC: 11B37; 11B83DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307043P
A Method for Revocation in Group Signature Schemes 51 - 59
Constantin Popescu  
AbstractKeywords: Group signature scheme; revocation of group members; Okamoto-Shiraishi assumptionMSC: 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307051P
On Some Fixed Point Theorems for Mappings Satisfying a New Type of Implicit Relation 61 - 66
Valeriu Popa  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; complete metric space; compact metric space; implicit relationMSC: 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307061P
Inequalities for Wallis' Product 67 - 72
Milorad Stevanović  
AbstractKeywords: Wallis' product; inequality of Cesaro-Buchner; inequality of KazarinoffMSC: 26D99DOI: 10.5937/MatMor0307067S
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