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Front Page Mathematica MoravicaPublisher: Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac, ČačakISSN: 1450-5932Issue: 27_2Date: 2023Journal Homepage

Nonlinear contractions and Caputo tempered impulsive implicit fractional differential equations in b-metric spaces 1 - 24
Salim Krim, Abdelkrim Salim and Mouffak Benchohra  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; implicit differential equations; impulses; tempered fractional derivative; ${\omega}-{\delta}$-Geraghty contraction; $F$-contraction; nonlocal condition.MSC: 26A33 34A08; 34K37DOI:
Blow-up phenomena for a p(x)-biharmonic heat equation with variable exponent 25 - 32
Erhan Pişkin and Gülistan Butakın  
AbstractKeywords: Blow up; heat equation; variable exponent.MSC: 40B05 35B44; 35K05DOI:
Fixed and coincidence point theorems on partial metric spaces with an application 33 - 53
Rohit Kumar, Neeraj Garakoti, Naveen Chandra and Mahesh Joshi  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; coincidence point; orbital continuity; orbital completeness; partial metric and Hausdorff metric.MSC: 47H10 54H25DOI:
A Study on lung cancer using nabla discrete fractional-order model 55 - 76
David Amilo, Bilgen Kaymakamzade and Evren Hınçal  
AbstractKeywords: Mathematical modeling; Discrete fractional-order; Nable difference operator; Lung cancer.MSC: 39A12 92C50; 92C60; 92-08; 34A34DOI:
Suspension bridge model with laminated beam 77 - 90
Carlos Alberto Raposo  
AbstractKeywords: Suspension bridge; laminated beam; Timoshenko system.MSC: 35D35 74K10DOI:
Graph polynomials associated with Dyson–Schwinger equations 91 - 114
Ali Shojaei-Fard  
AbstractKeywords: Combinatorial Dyson–Schwinger equations; Feynman graphons; Graph polynomials; Parametric representations.MSC: 05C31; 05C63 81Q30; 81T16DOI:
On the bi-periodic Padovan sequences 115 - 126
Orhan Dişkaya and Hamza Menken  
AbstractKeywords: Padovan sequence; Binet-like formula; generating function; biperiodic Padovan sequence; matrix.MSC: 11B39 11B83DOI:
$k-$regular decomposable incidence structure of maximum degree 127 - 136
Dejan Stošović, Anita Katić and Dario Galić  
AbstractKeywords: Regular incidence structure; partition; Euler’s formula of complex number.MSC: 40B05 33E99DOI:

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