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Front Page Mathematica MoravicaPublisher: Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac, ČačakISSN: 1450-5932Issue: 26_2Date: 2022Journal Homepage

On the global uniform stability analysis of non-autonomous dynamical systems: A survey 1 - 48
N. Hadj Taieb, M.A. Hammami and M. Hammi  
AbstractKeywords: Lyapunov theory; Perturbed systems; Practical stability.MSC: 34D10; 34D20 37B25; 37B55DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202001T
Anti-periodic boundary value problems for Caputo-Fabrizio fractional impulsive differential equations 49 - 62
Mohammed Benyoub and Kacem Belghaba  
AbstractKeywords: Fractional differential equation; Caputo-Fabrizio integral of fractional order; Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivatives; Anti-periodic boundary value problem; Fixed point; Lower and upper solutions; coupled lower and upper solutions.MSC: 26A33 34B15DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202049B
Weak preopen sets and weak bicontinuity in texture spaces 63 - 71
Şenol Dost  
AbstractKeywords: Texture; Fuzzy set; Weak structure; Weak preopen set; Weak prebicontinuity.MSC: 06D72 54A05; 54D99DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202063D
Effects of the ARA transform method for time fractional problems 73 - 84
Süleyman Çetinkaya and Ali Demir  
AbstractKeywords: Liouville-Caputo fractional derivative; time fractional partial differential equation; ARA integral transform.MSC: 35A22 35R11DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202073C
Generalized fixed point theorems on metric spaces 85 - 101
Naveen Chandra, Bharti Joshi and Mahesh C. Joshi  
AbstractKeywords: Single valued and multi-valued mappings; Suzuki type contraction; fixed points and metric completeness.MSC: 47H10 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202085C
Differential subordination and superordination results for generalized "Srivastava–Attiya" fractional integral operator 103 - 112
Amit Soni  
AbstractKeywords: $p$-valent analytic function; Differential subordination; Differential superordination; "Srivastava- Attiya" fractional integral operator.MSC: 0C45 30C80DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202103S
Delay-dependent input-output stability conditions for non-autonomous neutral type differential equations in a Banach space 113 - 121
Michael Gil’  
AbstractKeywords: Banach space; non-autonomous neutral type differential equation; input-output stability; integro-differential equations.MSC: 34K30 34K06; 34K20DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202113G
Existence of beam-equation solutions with strong damping and $p(x)$-biharmonic operator 123 - 145
Jorge Ferreira, Willian S. Panni, Erhan Pişkin and Mohammad Shahrouzi  
AbstractKeywords: $p(x)$-biharmonic operator; weak solutions; beam equation; variable exponent.MSC: 35A01; 35D30; 35J40 65N30DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2202123F

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