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Front Page Mathematica MoravicaPublisher: Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac, ČačakISSN: 1450-5932Issue: 24_2Date: 2020Journal Homepage

On coupled systems of fractional impulsive differential equations by using a new Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative 1 - 19
Ahmed Boudaoui and Abdeldjalil Slama  
AbstractKeywords: Fractional impulsive differential equations; Caputo-Fabrizio Fractional Derivative; Fixed point principle; Generalized metric spaceMSC: 34A08 34A37DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002001B
The influence of $\theta$-function to the class of MWP operators 21 - 31
Ishak Altun and Gonca Durmaz  
AbstractKeywords: Weakly Picard operator; multivalued mappings; $\theta$-contraction; fixed point.MSC: 54H25 47H10DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002021A
Some fuzzy common fixed point theorems using common limit in the range property with an application 33 - 49
Ved Prakash Bhardwaj and Kamal Wadhwa  
AbstractKeywords: M-fuzzy metric spaces; Common limit in the range property ((CLR) property); Weakly compatible mappings.MSC: 54H25 47H10DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002033P
Initial Coefficient estimates for a classes of m-fold symmetric bi-univalent functions involving Mittag-Leffler function 51 - 61
Abbas Kareem Wanas and Huo Tang  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic function; m-fold symmetric bi-univalent function; Coefficient bounds; Mittag-Leffler function.MSC: 30C45 30C50DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002051K
Common fixed points under strict conditions 63 - 70
Hakima Bouhadjera, Said Beloul and Achref Eddine Tabet  
AbstractKeywords: Strictly subweakly compatible mappings; reciprocally continuous mappings; strictly subreciprocally continuous mappings.MSC: 47H10 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002063B
Coefficient bounds for certain subclasses of bi-prestarlike functions associated with the Chebyshev polynomials 71 - 82
H. Ö. Güney, G. Murugusundaramoorthy, K. Vijaya and K. Thilagavathi  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic functions; bi-univalent functions; prestarlike functions; Chebyshev polynomials; coefficient estimates; Fekete-Szegö inequalities.MSC: 30C45 30C50DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002071G
New family of special numbers associated with finite operator 83 - 98
Mouloud Goubi  
AbstractKeywords: Generating function; operators; Fubini numbers and polynomials.MSC: 33C45 33C99; 11B83DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002083G
Some fixed point theorems for generalized $(\psi\phi)$-weak contraction mappings in partial metric spaces 99 - 115
G.S. Saluja  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; generalized $(\psi\phi)$-weak contraction mapping; partial metric space.MSC: 47H09 7H10DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002099S
New inequalities for F-convex functions pertaining generalized fractional integrals 117 - 131
Hüseyin Budak, Pınar Kösem and Artion Kashuri  
AbstractKeywords: Convex function; trigonometrically $\rho$-convex functionsMSC: 26D07 26D10; 26D15; 26A33DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002117B
On relationships between $q$-products identities, $R_\alpha$, $R_\beta$ and $R_m$ functions related to Jacobi’s triple-product identity 133 - 144
M. P. Chaudhary and Sangeeta Chaudhary  
AbstractKeywords: Theta-function identities; $R_\alpha$; $R_\beta$ and $R_m$; Jacobi’s triple-product identity; $q$-Product identities; Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction; Rogers-Ramanujan identities.MSC: 11F27; 11P83 05A17; 05A30DOI: 10.5937/MatMor2002133C

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