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On Evaluations of Propositional Formulas in Countable Structures 1 - 13
Aleksandar Perovicć, Dragan Doder, Zoran Ognjanović and Miodrag Rašković  
AbstractKeywords: axiomatization; strong completeness; weighted formulasMSC: 03B80DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601001P
An Extension Problem of a Connectedness Preserving Map Between Khalimsky Spaces 15 - 28
Sang-Eon Hana  
AbstractKeywords: extension problem; connected preserving map; Khalimsky adjacency; A-map; A-isomorphism; A-retract; digital topology; digital imageMSC: 54C20 54C05; 54D05; 54F05; 68U05DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601015H
Approximation by Modified Integral Type Jakimovski--Leviatan Operators 29 - 39
Çiğdem Atakut and İbrahim Büyükyazıcı  
AbstractKeywords: Jakimovski--Leviatan operators; Favard--Szász operators; Appell polynomials; modulus of continuity; weighted space.MSC: 41A17; 41A35; 41A36DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601029A
Some Fundamental Properties of Fuzzy Linear Relations Between Vector Spaces 41 - 53
Sorin Nădăban  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy relation; fuzzy linear relation; fuzzy linear operator; fuzzy multivalued functionsMSC: 47A06 03E72; 47S40DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601041N
Generalized Reflexive and Anti-Reflexive Solution for a System of Equations 55 - 64
Biljana Načevska  
AbstractKeywords: generalized inverses; system of equations; generalized reflexive and antireflexive elements; generalized reflections and antireflectionsMSC: 16W10; 16B99DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601055N
A Note on the Apostol Type Q-Frobenius-Euler Polynomials and Generalizations of the Srivastava-Pinter Addition Theorems 65 - 72
Burak Kurt  
AbstractKeywords: Bernoulli numbers and polynomials; Euler polynomials and numbers; generating function; Frobenius-Euler polynomials and numbers; Apostol-Bernoulli number and polynomials; generalized q-Bernoulli polynomials; generalized q-GenocchiMSC: 05A10 11B73; 11B68DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601065K
On Multi-Order Fractional Di Erential Operators in the Unit Disk 73 - 81
Rabha W. Ibrahim and Cenap Ozel  
AbstractKeywords: analytic function; fractional calculus; fractional differential equation; unit diskMSC: 26A33DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601073I
New Approach to some Results Related to Mixed Norm Sequence Spaces 83 - 88
Ivana Djolović, Eberhard Malkowsky and Katarina Petković  
AbstractKeywords: BK spaces; mixed norm sequence spaces; Hausdorff measure of noncompactness; compact operatorsMSC: 46B45 47B37DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601083D
Generalized Hyers-Ulam Stability of General Cubic Functional Equation in Random Normed Spaces 89 - 98
Seong Sik Kim, John Michael Rassias, Nawab Hussain and Yeol Je Cho  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Hyers-Ulam stability; general cubic functional equation; random normed spacesMSC: 39B52; 39B72; 47H09; 47H47DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601089K
Coefficient Estimates for Certain Subfamilies of Close-to-Convex Functions of Complex Order 99 - 103
Wasim Ul-Haq and Shabana Manzar  
AbstractKeywords: analytic functions; starlike functions; close-to-convex functions of complex order; Salagean derivativesMSC: 30C45; 30C50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1601099U
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