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Generalized $q$-Integrals Via Neutrices: Application to the $q$-Beta Function 1473 - 1483
Ahmed Salem  
AbstractKeywords: $q$-integrals; neutrices; neutrix limit; $q$-gamma function; $q$-beta functionMSC: 33D05 46F10DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308473S
Relative Controllability of Semilinear Fractional Stochastic Control Systems in Hilbert Spaces 1485 - 1495
Toufik Guendouzi and Iqbal Hamada  
AbstractKeywords: relative controllability; stochastic systems; fractional differential equation; nonlocal conditionMSC: 34G20 34G60;34A37;60H40DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308485G
On Nondifferentiable Minimax Fractional Programming Involving Higher Order Generalized Convexity 1497 - 1504
Anurag Jayswal, Ashish Kumar Prasad and Krishna Kummari  
AbstractKeywords: fractional programming; higher order duality; generalized convexityMSC: 26A51 90C32;49N15DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308497J
Lipschitz Continuity of the Distance Ratio Metric on the Unit Disk 1505 - 1509
Slavko Simic  
AbstractKeywords: Lipschitz constant; analytic functionsMSC: 51M10;30C20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308505S
A New Convex Relaxation for Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming 1510 - 1521
Duzhi Wu, Aiping Hu, Jie Zhou and Songlin Wu  
AbstractKeywords: quadratically constrained quadratic programming; Shor's relaxation; positive semidefinite programmingMSC: 90C20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308511W
On Sequence Selection Properties 1523 - 1544
Jaroslav Šupina  
AbstractKeywords: discrete convergence; quasi-normal convergence; selection property; QN-space; wQN-space; Hurewicz property; semicontinuous functionMSC: 54C50 03E75;54A20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308523S
A Variation on Ward Continuity 1545 - 1549
Hüseyin Çakallı  
AbstractKeywords: ideal; continuity; summability; compactnessMSC: 40A35 40A05;40G15;26A15DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308545C
Shellability of Complexes of Directed Trees 1551 - 1559
Duško Jojić  
AbstractKeywords: shellability; directed trees; vertex decomposabilityMSC: 52B22 05C20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308551J
Some Spectral Inequalities for Triangle-Free Regular Graphs 1561 - 1567
Tamara Koledin and Zoran Stanić  
AbstractKeywords: adjacency matrix; second largest eigenvalue; regular graphs; triangle-free graphs; bipartite graphsMSC: 05C50DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308561K
Semisymmetric Cubic Graphs of Orders $36p$, $36p^2$ 1569 - 1573
Mehdi Alaeiyan, Mohsen Lashani and M. K. Hosseinipoor  
AbstractKeywords: regular cover; semisymmetric graph; semiregular subgroupMSC: 05C25 20B25DOI: 10.2298/FIL1308569A
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