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Additive-Cubic Functional Equations from Additive Groups into Non-Archimedean Banach Spaces 731 - 738
M. Eshaghi Gordji, M. Bavand Savadkouhi and M. Bidkham  
AbstractKeywords: stability; additive functional equation; cubic functional equation; non-Archimedean Banach spaceMSC: 46S40;54E40 39B82DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305731E
A Note on Putinar's Matricial Models 739 - 746
Jaewoong Kim  
AbstractKeywords: hyponormal operators; subnormal operators; finite rank self commutators; weakly subnormal operators; Putinar's matricial modelsMSC: 47B20DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305739K
Laplace Transform in Spaces of Ultradistributions 747 - 760
Bojan Prangoski  
AbstractKeywords: ultradistributions; Laplace transformMSC: 46F05 46F12;44A10DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305747P
Products of Composition and $n$-th Differentiation Operators from $\alpha$-Bloch Space to $Q_p$ Space; Boundedness; Compactness 761 - 766
Haiying Li, Cui Wang, Tianyu Xue and Xiangbo Zhang  
AbstractKeywords: analytic self-map; composition operator; $nth$ differentiation operator; $\alpha$-Bloch space; $Q_p$ spaceMSC: 47B38DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305761L
Consistent in Invertibility Operators and Svep 767 - 776
Dragan S. Djordjević, Bhagwati P. Duggal and Robin E. Harte  
AbstractKeywords: Banach space; consistent in invertibility; semi-Fredholm consistent; Browder consistent; Weyl consistent; the single valued extension propertyMSC: 47B20;47A10;47A11DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305767D
Small Covers Over a Product of Simplices 777 - 787
Yanchang Chen and Yanying Wang  
AbstractKeywords: small cover; equivariant homeomorphism; polytopeMSC: 57S10 52B11;52B70;57S25DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305777C
On a Class of Fuzzy Sets Defined by Orlicz Functions 789 - 796
Mikail Et, Mohammad Mursaleen and Mahmut Işık  
AbstractKeywords: Orlicz function; fuzzy number; difference sequenceMSC: 40A05;40C05;46A45;03E72DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305789E
Unicity Theorem for Entire Functions Sharing One Value 797 - 809
Pulak Sahoo  
AbstractKeywords: entire function; uniqueness; nonlinear differential polynomialsMSC: 30D35DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305797S
Generalized Ideal Convergence in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normed Linear Spaces 811 - 820
Bipan Hazarika, Vijay Kumar and Bernardo Lafuerza-Guillén  
AbstractKeywords: ideal convergence; intuitionistic fuzzy normed space; $\lambda$-convergenceMSC: 40A99 40A05DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305811H
The Duals of Certain Matrix Domains of Factorable Triangles and some Related Visualisations 821 - 829
Eberhard Malkowsky and Vesna Veličković  
AbstractKeywords: $FK$ spaces; dual spaces; factorable matrices; visualisationsMSC: 46A45 00A66;74N05DOI: 10.2298/FIL1305821M
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