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Flat Singular Integrals in Product Domains 1 - 13
Ahmad Al-Salman  
AbstractKeywords: rough kernels; convex functions; product domains; flat surfacesMSC: 42B20 42B15
Bounding the Čebyšev Functional for Sequences of Vectors in Normed Linear Spaces 15 - 26
Sever S. Dragomir  
AbstractKeywords: Čebyšev functional; Grúss type inequalitiesMSC: 26D15 26D10
Direct Local and Global Approximation Theorem for Bernstein-Type Operators 27 - 32
Zoltán Finta  
AbstractKeywords: Quasi-convex function; the second modulus of smoothness of Ditzian-Totik; Bernstein-type operatorsMSC: 41A25; 41A36
A General Common Fixed Point Theorem of Meir and Keeler Type for Noncontinuous Weak Compatible Mappings 33 - 40
Valeriu Popa  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; compatible mappings; weakly compatible mappingsMSC: 54H25
On Partial Bilateral and Improper Partial Bilateral Generating Functions Involving some Special Functions 41 - 49
Asit Kumar Sarkar  
AbstractKeywords: proper and improper partial bilateral generating functionMSC: 33A65

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