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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 17_2Date: 2020Journal Homepage

Mirjana Ivanović and Miloš Radovanović  
MSC: 00-01 00-02
What makes a board director better connected? Evidence from graph theory 357 - 377
Laleh Samarbakhsh and Boža Tasić  
AbstractKeywords: board of director networks; centrality measuresMSC: 91D30 05C90
Missing Data Imputation in Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment: A Solution Based on Artificial Neural Networks 379 - 401
Dunja Vrbaški, Aleksandar Kupusinac, Rade Doroslovački, Edita Stokić and Dragan Ivetić  
AbstractKeywords: missing data; cardiometabolic risk; artficial neural networksMSC: 68T10 62M45
Real-Time Tracking and Mining of Users' Actions over Social Media 403 - 426
Ejub Kajan, Noura Faci, Zakaria Maamar, Mohamed Sellami, Emir Ugljanin, Hamamache Kheddouci, Dragan H. Stojanović and Djamal Benslimane  
AbstractKeywords: data analytics; Facebook; sentiment analysis; social mediaMSC: 68M11 91D30
Land-use classification via ensemble dropout information discriminative extreme learning machine based on deep convolution feature 427 - 443
Tianle Zhang, Muzhou Hou, Tao Zhou, Zhaode Liu, Weirong Cheng and Yangjin Cheng  
AbstractKeywords: extreme learning machine (ELM); convolutional neural network (CN-N); dropout; ensemble; land-use classificationMSC: 68T10 62H30
Study of cardiac arrhythmia classification based on convolutional neural network 445 - 458
Yonghui Dai, Bo Xu, Siyu Yan and Jing Xu  
AbstractKeywords: cardiac arrhythmia classification; convolutional neural network; ECG signals; segment sizeMSC: 62M45 62H30
Option predictive clustering trees for multi-target regression 459 - 486
Tomaž Stepišnik, Aljaž Osojnik, Sašo Džeroski and Dragi Kocev  
AbstractKeywords: multi-target regression; option trees; interpretable models; predictive clustering trees; bias-variance decomposition of errorMSC: 68T10 62H30
A Robust Reputation System using Online Reviews 487 - 507
Hyun-Kyo Oh, Jongbin Jung, Sunju Park and Sang-Wook Kim  
AbstractKeywords: reputation; reviews; attacksMSC: 68M11 62H30
Fuzzy Logic and Image Compression Based Energy Efficient Application Layer Algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks 509 - 536
Arafat Senturk, Resul Kara and Ibrahim Ozcelik  
AbstractKeywords: energy efficiency; fuzzy logic; image compression; wireless multimedia sensor networksMSC: 68M10 94A08
Variational Neural Decoder for Abstractive Text Summarization 537 - 552
Huan Zhao, Jie Cao, Mingquan Xu and Jian Lu  
AbstractKeywords: abstractive summarization; sequence-to-sequence; variational auto-encoder; variation neural infererMSC: 68T10 62M45
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