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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 16_2Date: 2019Journal Homepage

Reducing energy usage in resource-intensive Java-based scientific applications via micro-benchmark based code refactorings 541 - 564
Mathias Longo, Ana Rodriguez, Cristian Mateos and Alejandro Zunino  
AbstractKeywords: Energy; Scientific application; Java; Micro-benchmarks; Code refactoringMSC: 68N30 68N19
Outlier Detection in Graphs: A Study on the Impact of Multiple Graph Models 565 - 595
Guilherme Oliveira Campos, EdrĂ© Moreira, Wagner Meira Jr and Arthur Zimek  
AbstractKeywords: outlier detection; multiple graph models; ensembleMSC: 68T10 05C85
How Much Topological Structure Is Preserved by Graph Embeddings? 597 - 614
Xin Liu, Chenyi Zhuang, Tsuyoshi Murata, Kyoung-Sook Kim and Natthawut Kertkeidkachorn  
AbstractKeywords: graph embedding; network representation learning; graph reconstruction; dimension reduction; graph miningMSC: 68T10 05C85
On Approximate k-Nearest Neighbor Searches Based on the Earth Mover's Distance for Efficient Content-Based Multimedia Information Retrieval 615 - 638
Min-Hee Jang, Sang-Wook Kim, Woong-Kee Loh and Jung-Im Won  
AbstractKeywords: Earth mover's distance; content-based information retrieval; k-nearest neighbor queryMSC: 68P20 68P10
Lexicon Based Chinese Language Sentiment Analysis Method 639 - 655
Jinyan Chen, Susanne Becken and Bela Stantic  
AbstractKeywords: Sentiment Analysis; Social Media; Natural Language ProcessingMSC: 68T50 62H30
Automated Two-phase Business Model-driven Synthesis of Conceptual Database Models 657 - 688
Drazen Brdjanin, Danijela Banjac, Goran Banjac and Slavko Maric  
AbstractKeywords: BPMN; business process model; conceptual database model; domain specific language; extractor; generator; model-driven; service-oriented; UMLMSC: 68P15 68N19
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