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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 15_3Date: 2018Journal Homepage

X3S: A Multi-modal Approach to Monitor and Assess Stress through Human-computer Interaction 683 - 703
Filipe Gonçalves, Davide Carneiro, José Pêgo and Paulo Novais  
AbstractKeywords: Human-computer Interaction; Behavioural & Performance Patterns; Machine Learning; Stress Monitoring & AssessmentMSC: 68T35 62H30
The CRI-Model: A Domain-independent Taxonomy for Non-Conformance between Observed and Specified Behaviour 705 - 731
Christopher Haubeck, Alexander Pokahr, Kim Reichert, Till Hohenberger and Winfried Lamersdorf  
AbstractKeywords: taxonomy of anomalies; anomaly detection; evolution; distributed cloud systems; cyber-physical systemMSC: 68M14 62H30
On the Use of Self-Island-based Evolutionary Computation Methods on Complex Environments 733 - 750
Rafael Nogueras and Carlos Cotta  
AbstractKeywords: evolutionary algorithms; memetic algorithms; self-* properties; ephemeral computing; sandpile modelMSC: 68T05 92B20
A Novel Distributed Registry Approach for Efficient and Resilient Service Discovery in Megascale Distributed Systems 751 - 774
Lars Braubach, Kai Jander and Alexander Pokahr  
AbstractKeywords: Service Discovery; Services; SOA; Cloud; Megascale; JadexMSC: 68N19 68M14
Using Screencasts to Enhance Coding Skills: the case of Logic Programming 775 - 798
Petros Kefalas and Ioanna Stamatopoulou  
AbstractKeywords: Screencasts; Learning Technologies; Logic ProgrammingMSC: 68N19 97C80
Learning Syntactic Tagging of Macedonian Language 799 - 820
Martin Bonchanoski and Katerina Zdravkova  
AbstractKeywords: Part-of-speech tagging; TnT tagger; Cyclic dependency network; Guided learning for bidirectional sequence classification; Dynamic features inductionMSC: 68T50 62H30
Extended Tuple Constraint Type as a Complex Integrity Constraint Type in XML Data Model - Definition and Enforcement 821 - 843
Jovana Vidaković, Sonja Ristić, Slavica Kordić and Ivan Luković  
AbstractKeywords: XML Data Model; extended tuple constraint; code generation; XQuery functions; database triggersMSC: 68P15 68N19
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