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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 13_1Date: 2016Journal Homepage

Computer Aided Anonymization and Redaction of Judicial Documents 217 - 236
Goran Sladić, Stevan Gostojić, Branko Milosavljević, Zora Konjović and Gordana Milosavljević  
AbstractKeywords: anonymization; redaction; RBAC; judicial documents; XML; AKOMA NTOSOMSC: 68U35 62H30
A Methodology for Determining the Value Generation Mechanism and the Improvement Priorities of Open Government Data Systems 237 - 258
Charalampos Alexopoulos, Euripides Loukis and Yannis Charalabidis  
AbstractKeywords: open government data; public sector information; evaluation; decision support system; value modelMSC: 68U35 68T10
A Novel Animal Migration Algorithm for Global Numerical Optimization 259 - 285
Qifang Luo, Mingzhi Ma and Yongquan Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: animal migration optimization algorithms; exploration and exploitation; functions optimizationMSC: 68T20 65K10
Capability-oriented Architectural Analysis Method Based on Fuzzy Description Logic 287 - 308
Zhang Tingting, Liu Xiaoming, Wang Zhixue and Dong Qingchao  
AbstractKeywords: Description Logics; Enterprise Architecture; Fuzzy UML; Fuzzy Model Checking; OntologyMSC: 68T35 68T27
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