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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 11_2Date: 2014Journal Homepage

Collaborative Method to Maintain Business Process Models Updated 461 - 480
Nuno Castela, Paulo Dias, Marielba Zacarias and José Tribolet  
AbstractKeywords: Collaborative Business Process Updating Method, Groupware Modeling Tool, Shared Business Process ModelsMSC: 68T30 68U35
Facilitating the Interaction with Data Warehouse Schemas through a Visual Web-Based Approach 481 - 501
Clemente R. Borges and José A. Macías  
AbstractKeywords: Human-Computer Interaction, User-Centered Design, Usability, User Interface for Data WarehouseMSC: 68P15 68U35
Application and Relational Database Co-Refactoring 503 - 524
Ondrej Macek and Karel Richta  
AbstractKeywords: code refactoring, relational schema evolution, formal modelMSC: 68N30 68P15
User-Centric Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis of Ubiquitous Health Monitoring Data 525 - 548
George Drosatos and Pavlos S. Efraimidis  
AbstractKeywords: privacy, ubiquitous health data, privacy-preserving statistical analysis, personal software agent, secure multi-party computationMSC: 68P25 68T42
Iris: A decentralized approach to backend messaging middlewares 549 - 567
Peter Szilagyi  
AbstractKeywords: peer-to-peer, decentralized, message oriented middlewareMSC: 68M10 68M11
A Direct Approach to Physical Data Vault Design 569 - 599
Dragoljub Krneta, Vladan Jovanović and Zoran Marjanović  
AbstractKeywords: Enterprise data warehouse, system of records, design automation, Data Vault modelMSC: 68P15 68U35
Flow-Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection System Using Two Neural Network Stages 601 - 622
Yousef Abuadlla, Goran Kvascev, Slavko Gajin and Zoran Jovanovic  
AbstractKeywords: Intrusion Detection system, Anomaly detection system, Neural Network, NetFlowMSC: 68U35 62M45
Building ontologies for different natural languages 623 - 644
Emhimed Salem Alatrish, Dušan Tošić and Nikola Milenković  
AbstractKeywords: Semantic Web, Ontology, Natural language, DODDLE-OWLMSC: 68T30 68T50
A Question-Based Design Pattern Advisement Approach 645 - 664
Luka Pavlič, Vili Podgorelec and Marjan Heričko  
AbstractKeywords: design patterns, pattern selection, ontology, semantic web, selection algorithmMSC: 68T30 68N19
Efficient data abstraction using weighted IB2 prototypes 665 - 678
Stefanos Ougiaroglou and Georgios Evangelidis  
AbstractKeywords: k-NN classification, data reduction, abstraction, prototypesMSC: 62H30 68T10
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