Velocity Parameter Generalization of Ideally Dissociated Gas Recombination

Branko R. Obrović

In this work it is discussed about а laminar boundary layer оп the body of an arbitrary form, which moves at supersonic speed through the earth atmosphere, e.g. supersonic planes, rockets, space ships, Such high speeds lead to the so-called supersonic warming of the aircraft caused Ьу an intensive transition ofthe mechanical energy into the thermal one, in the impact wave itself, which is formed in front of the aircraft, as well as in the thin layer next to its surface and it happens оп account of the force of friction. Вecause of that high temperature are developed in the space of flow close to the aircaft surface which lead to thermochemical reactions of dissociation and recombination, that is they change the "homogeneous" air into а multicomponent mixture of gases: 02, О, N2, N, NO and Аг. It is to Ье remarked that the former thermochemical reactions are followed Ьу the process of diffusion, whereat it is possible that the material of the overflowed aircraft surface enters the chemical reactions with the mentioned component of the mixture.