On Power of Control Chart for the Ratio of Two Poisson Distributions Under Misclassification Error

Ashit B. Chakraborty, Anwer Khurshid

When the control charts for the ratio of two Poisson distributions need to be constructed, a situation may require controlling the ratio rather than a single parameter. Chakraborty and Khurshid [6] constructed Shewhart control chart and Chakraborty and Khurshid [7] studied measurement error effect on control chart for the ratio of two Poisson distributions, respectively. The effects of misclassification on the performance of control charts have been investigated by several authors. Measurement error variability has uncertainty that can arise from several sources. In this paper, we study the effect of the two sources of variability on the power characteristics of control chart under misclassification error for the ratio of two Poisson distributions as studied by Sahai and Khurshid [36]. Probabilities of misclassification of conforming and non-conforming units for grid of values are provided.