Simulation Analysis of Quality of Business in IP Networks

Vesna Radonjić Đogatović, Marko Đogatović, Milorad Stanojević

In this paper, we propose a simulation model for mapping Quality of Service (QoS) parameters to Quality of Business (QoBiz) in IP networks. We assume that Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers tariff packages based on the proposed QoS to QoBiz mapping and users’ requirements. Available bit rate and security are chosen as the key QoS parameters, and price is selected as a main QoBiz parameter from users’ perspective, while revenue singles out as the main QoBiz parameter from ISP’s perspective. We also assume that ISP applies hybrid pricing so that price reduction is performed depending on QoS violation, defined through network load. The simulation model is conducted using agent-based simulation methodology. Agents can be seen as autonomous units that mutually interact in the environment. In this research, users and ISP are observed as simulation agents and IP market is seen as the environment. Output parameters in the simulation analysis are ISP’s revenue and service price. The proposed model enables direct reflection of QoS violation on service prices and consequently on ISP’s revenue. Simulation results show prices decrease for most of the tariff packages.