Survey on the Relation Between Road Freight Transport, SCM and Sustainable Development

Wiame Ech-Chelfi, Mohammed El Hammoumi

The purpose of this paper is to categorize research related to Supply Chain Management (SCM), road freight transport, and sustainable development and to classify treated papers in chronological order. The review is based on 50 articles published between 2000 and 2017 in international journals. The processing of the articles is done according to the defined characteristics of the article (date of publication, the journal title, the country, the research methodology adopted, the paper objective, the realized axes, and the indicators of follow-up). Although many studies have independently addressed the issue of sustainability, road freight, and supply chain management, there are fewer documents dealing with road freight transport and SCM in the context of sustainable development. Hence, this document will be very useful for researchers wishing to develop management or optimization approaches.