Logic-Based Aggregation Methods for Ranking Student Applicants

Pavle Milošević, Ivan Nešić, Ana Poledica, Dragan Radojević, Bratislav Petrović

In this paper, we present logic-based aggregation models used for ranking student applicants and we compare them with a number of existing aggregation methods, each more complex than the previous one. The proposed models aim to include dependencies in the data using Logical aggregation (LA). LA is a aggregation method based on interpolative Boolean algebra (IBA), a consistent multi-valued realization of Boolean algebra. This technique is used for a Boolean consistent aggregation of attributes that are logically dependent. The comparison is performed in the case of student applicants for master programs at the University of Belgrade. We have shown that LA has some advantages over other presented aggregation methods. The software realization of all applied aggregation methods is also provided. This paper may be of interest not only for student ranking, but also for similar problems of ranking people e.g. employees, team members, etc.