A Survey on Queues in Machining System: Progress from 2010 to 2017

C. Shekhar, A. A. Raina, A. Kumar, J. Iqbal

The aim of the present article is to give a historical survey of some important research works related to queues in machining system since 2010. Queues of failed machines in machine repairing problem occur due to the failure of machines at random in the manufacturing industries, where different jobs are performed on machining stations. Machines are subject to failure what may result in significant loss of production, revenue, or goodwill. In addition to the references on queues in machining system, which is also called ‘Machine Repair Problem’ (MRP) or ‘Machine Interference Problem’ (MIP), a meticulous list of books and survey papers is also prepared so as to provide a detailed catalog for understanding the research in queuing domain. We have classified the relevant literature according to a year of publishing, methodological, and modeling aspects. The author(s) hope that this survey paper could be of help to learners contemplating research on queuing domain.