A Fuzzy Bi-Linear Management Model in Reverse Logistic Chains

Danijela Tadić, Predrag Mimović, Jovana Kostić, Marija Zahar Đorđević

The management of the electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) problem in the uncertain environment has a critical effect on the economy and environmental protection of each region. The considered problem can be stated as a fuzzy non-convex optimization problem with linear objective function and a set of linear and non-linear constraints. The original problem is reformulated by using linear relaxation into a fuzzy linear programming problem. The fuzzy rating of collecting point capacities and fix costs of recycling centers are modeled by triangular fuzzy numbers. The optimal solution of the reformulation model is found by using optimality concept. The proposed model is verified through an illustrative example with real-life data. The obtained results represent an input for future research which should include a good benchmark base for tested reverse logistic chains and their continuous improvement.