An Overview and Analysis of Ber for Three Diversity Techniques in Wireless Communication Systems

Dragan Mitić, Aleksandar Lebl, Branimir Trenkić, Žarko Markov

The problem of fading refers to a large scale deterioration process of wireless communication channel’s characteristics. This paper discusses different techniques for mitigating the fading problems. A solution to the problem is to add a fading margin on the transmitter, but it is not an effective solution. The other solution is to use an alternative statistical behavior of fading channels (apply the basic concepts of diversity), which use two or more inputs on the receiver to ensure the correlation of signal. So, the diversity technique is used to improve system performance in fading channels. Instead of transmitting and receiving the desired signal through one channel, we have L copies of the desired signal transferred over M different channels. This paper presents analytical results of the probability of error for diversity techniques which use Rayleigh Fading Channel for BPSK modulation.