Display Probability of Symbol Errors for Mqam on Rician Fading Channel Based on Mgf Method

Predrag Jovanović, Dragan Mitić, Aleksandar Lebl, Radoslav Rajković

We present a new method for calculating the probability of error per symbol (Symbol Error Probability, SEP) of M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (MQAM) over a slow, flat, identically independently distributed Rician fading channels. Since fading is one of the major constraints in wireless communications, the diversity modulation technique is used for the efficient transfer of message signals. Exact analysis of error probability per symbol for MQAM, transmitted over Rician fading channels, is performed by N branches of diversity reception using maximum ratio of signal-to-noise power (maximal-ratio-combining, MRC), where the information in the channel on the Display Probability of Symbol Errors for MQAM 94 receiver side is known. We also analyzed the performances of MQAM over Rician fading channels are here also analyzed. Approximate formula is used to represent SEP for MQAM transmitted over Gaussian channels. Boundary condition for the approximation is M≥4 and 0≤SNR≤30 dB.