A Study of Inflation Effects on an Eoq Model for Weibull Deteriorating/Ameliorating Items With Ramp Type of Demand and

M. Valliathal, R. Uthayakumar

This paper deals with the effects of inflation and time discounting on an inventory model with general ramp type demand rate, time dependent (Weibull) deterioration rate and partial backlogging of unsatisfied demand. The model is studied under the replenishment policy, starting with shortages under two different types of backlogging rates, and their comparative study is also provided. We then use the computer software, MATLAB to find the optimal replenishment policies. Duration of positive inventory level is taken as the decision variable to minimize the total cost of the proposed system. Numerical examples are then taken to illustrate the solution procedure. Finally, sensitivity of the optimal solution to changes of the values of different system parameters is also studied.