Multicriteria Optimization in a Fuzzy Environment: the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Milanka Gardašević-Filipović, Dragan Z. Šaletić

In the paper the fuzzy extension of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) based on fuzzy numbers, and its application in solving a practical problem, are considered. The paper advocates the use of contradictory test to check the fuzzy user preferences during fuzzy AHP decision-making process. We also propose consistency check and deriving priorities from inconsistent fuzzy judgment matrices to be included in the process, in order to check if the fuzzy approach can be applied in the AHP for the problem considered. An aggregation of local priorities obtained at different levels into composite global priorities for the alternatives based on weighted-sum method is also discussed. The contradictory fuzzy judgment matrix is analyzed. Our theoretical consideration has been verified by an application of commercially available Super Decisions program (developed for solving multi-criteria optimization problems using AHP approach) on the problem previously treated in the literature. The obtained results are compared with those from the literature. The conclusions are given and the possibilities for further work in the field are pointed out.