Combinatorial Games and Beautiful Graphs Produced by Them

Masakazu Naito, Toshiyuki Yamauchi, Hiroshi Matsui, Taishi Inoue, Yuuki Tomari, Koichiro Nishimura, Takuma Nakaoka, Daisuke Minematsu, Ryohei Miyadera

In this article the authors are going to present several combinatorial games that are variants of the game of Nim. These games have very interesting mathematical structures. They are very different from the traditional game of Nim, since the coordinates of positions of the game satisfy inequalities. The authors are sure that this article is the first one to treat variants of the game of Nim conditioned by inequalities. Some of these games produce beautiful 3D graphs, and you can discover the Sierpinski gasket when you look at them from certain view point. The authors have used computer algebra system Mathematica a lot in their research of combinatorial games.