Dirac's Principle of Mathematical Beauty, Mathematics of Harmony and "Golden" Scientific Revolution

Alexey Stakhov

In this study we develop the Mathematics of Harmony as a new interdisciplinary direction of modern science. The newest discoveries in different fields of modern science based on the Mathematics of Harmony, namely, mathematics (a general theory of hyperbolic functions and a solution to Hilbert’s Fourth Problem, algorithmic measurement theory and "golden" number theory), computer science (the "golden information technology), crystallography (quasi-crystals), chemistry (fullerenes), theoretical physics and cosmology (Fibonacci-Lorentz transformations, the "golden" interpretation of special theory of relativity and "golden" interpretation of the Universe evolution), botany (new geometric theory of phyllotaxis), genetics ("golden" genomatrices) and so on, are creating a general picture of the "Golden" Scientific Revolution, which can influence fundamentally on the development of modern science and education.