Interactive learning and teaching of linear algebra by web technologies: some examples

Ljubica DikoviŠ

Supposing that students have successfully passed lectures and assessments in linear algebra in traditional way, it is suggested to introduce block-teaching by adequate software tools. These tools would, in 2D and 3D, enable students to establish and to confirm their knowledge by use of numerical, symbolical and visual representations of previously accepted concepts. At the same time they would explore actively and interactively, either individually or in a group, in order to adapt these activities to their level of knowledge and their learning style. This is a modern methodological concept of presentation and acceptance of mathematical knowledge in linear algebra, concerning the systems of linear equations emphasizing the discussion of solutions and analysis of special system cases, using determinants or matrix algebra system. Contribution of this paper is a presentation of methodological elements and specific examples with a group of corresponding questions, which could be efficiently applied to this teaching unit, based on suggested software tools.