Stability of pinned--rotationally restrained arches

László Péter Kiss

The article aims to find the buckling loads for pinned--rotationally restrained shallow circular arches in terms of the rotational end stiffness, geometry and material distribution. The loading is a concentrated vertical force placed at the crown. A geometrically nonlinear model is presented which relates not only the axial force but also the bending moment to the membrane strain. The nonlinear load-strain relationship is established between the strain and load parameters. This equation is then solved and evaluated analytically. It turns out that the stiffness of the end-restraint has, in general, a significant effect on the lowest buckling load. At the same time, some geometries are not affected by this. As the stiffness becomes zero, the arch is pinned-pinned and as the stiffness tends to infinity, the arch behaves as if it were pinned-fixed and has the best load-bearing abilities.