Bertolino-Bakša stability at nonlinear vibrations of motor vehicles

Ljudmila Kudrjavceva, Milan Micunovic, Danijela Miloradovic, Aleksandar Obradovic

Research of vehicle response to road roughness is particularly important when solving problems related to dynamic vehicle stability. In this paper, unevenness of roads is considered as the source of non-linear vibrations of motor vehicles. The vehicle is represented by an equivalent spatial model with seven degrees of freedom. In addition to solving the response by simulating it within a numerical code, quasi-linearization of nonlinear differential equations of motion is carried out. Solutions of quasi-linear differential equations of forced vibrations are determined using the small parameter method and are indispensable for the study of spatial stability of the vehicle. An optimal stabilization for a simplified two-dimensional model was performed. Spatial stability and internal resonance are considered briefly.