Oseen's correction to stokes drag on axially symmetric arbitrary particle in transverse flow: A new approach

Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Nirmal Srivastava

In this paper, Oseen's correction to Stokes drag experienced by axially symmetric particle placed in a uniform stream perpendicular to axis of symmetry(i.e. transverse flow) is obtained. For this, the linear relationship between axial and transverse Stokes drag is utilized to extend the Brenner's formula for axial flow to transverse flow. General expression of Oseen's correction to Stokes drag on axially symmetric particle placed in transverse flow is found to be new. This general expression is applied to some known axially symmetric bodies and obtained values of Oseen's drag, up to first order terms in Reynolds number `R', are also claimed to be new and never exist in the literature. Numerical values of Oseen drag are also evaluated and their variations with respect to Reynolds number, eccentricity and deformation parameter are depicted in figures and compared with some known values. Some important applications are also highlighted.